The Frigate - Zone 4 of 4

Hello once again!

We hope you’ve been enjoying learning about all of the awesome things that will greet you at Uprise. Today, we’re going to be discussing the fourth and final zone of play that you’ll experience at the event: the ship simulator. This is where you and your friends will be able to navigate a “ship” to meet mercenaries from the Lilac Empire and Iron Works head on, fire some cannons, and make sure that the ship doesn’t sink in engineering.

We’ve set up this experience to have three different segments. One section is for navigation, one section is for engineering, and one section is for firing cannons at the Lilac Empire’s ships. In order to succeed in each mission, each segment of the ship will need to communicate with each other so that each aspect is pulled off correctly.

Navigation will be in charge of steering the ship with a toyetic wheel, communicating what each station needs to do after looking through a toyetic periscope, and raising and lowering water levels with the use of a circuit board. Artillery will be in charge of preparing and firing ammo in a toyetic simulation, and Engineering will be in charge of re-wiring toyetic circuits and repairing damage that the ship takes in live combat. A Harbor Master will be on hand to explain how each aspect works before the simulation begins.

In order to immerse you in the experience, the ship simulation will also have speakers and lights to enhance the feel of being on a ship. In addition, players with certain skill sets will be able to receive bonuses while working certain parts of the ship.

For each successful mission, players will be able to win Victory Points that will influence what happens to certain factions. Missions can include everything from rescuing Uprising spies to destroying enemy ships to defending the Iron Harbor from the Lilac Empire and the Iron Navy.

Anyone can be part of the ship simulation, so remember to give your fellow players a chance to experience this amazing part of the event if they want to! Share the fun and if you see a new player who wants to participate, take them along for the ride.

You’ll be able to participate in the ship simulation every two hours during these following times:

Friday: 11 am to 3 am
Saturday: 11 am to 3 am

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Bryan Barletta