Victory Points: How Everything Comes Together

Hello, again!

Yesterday, we mentioned “Victory Points.” Today, we’re going to go a little bit more in-depth into how these work and what they’re used for during the Uprise event.

Victory points are a measure that the Uprise team will be keeping track of to determine the overall results of the players’ efforts to assist with the war. Instead of just one Uprise team this year, we’ll have two; there will be a team at site like usual, and also a team at home to keep track of the results from the play-from-home aspect of the event.

The development team for Uprise has put together a number of scripted news responses, event responses, videos (for multiple degrees of success or failures) and potential outcomes for the event. What videos, story response, and engagements that are released depends completely on the number of victory points that are earned during the event. This means that non-attending participants and active participants at the event will both influence the results of the war effort at Uprise.

The primary ways to gain victory points are by producing resources for the warfront at Uprise, destroying the enemy and gaining information in the combat zone, having successful runs on our frigate simulation (including sailing, cannon combat, and engineering areas), and successful choices made by the mortis-operatives in the Sunless Garden.

Beyond these very tangible and measurable success and failure point gaining opportunities, there are additional ways for players to gain victory points while at the event. Players can gain allies, bolster units in the field, provide solid tactical decisions when multiple opportunities for action are available, negotiate support, and perform sensitive espionage-related operations.

In addition, participants at home will also be able to generate victory points. There will be regular broadcasts from the warfront online, and people who have purchased the non-attending tickets will be able to assist with decryption of communications, find zones for mortars to strike, and be the remote support team for the Diesel Jocks engaging in vehicular combat at the front.

There will even be times when we ask the players at home who want to be more engaged to put on their costumes and work with the field teams to build shared stories from the combat zone.

The volume of player engagement, the sum of collected victory points, and the effort put in by the players will determine what kind of result we see from the Revolution to Evolution story arc. While this story arc will remove slavery from Dystopia Rising, how we get there and how this conflict affects the wasteland is completely up to you.

At 11:59pm EST on 4/7, ticket and patch sales for Uprise 2019 go offline for good. Buy yours now.

Bryan Barletta