The Sunless Garden - Zone 3 of 4

Over the past three months, a series of story arcs have taken place in Washington and Florida. These stories tied into the Grave Mind experimentation and the Infection harvesting that the Iron Works has been conducting. These story arcs included the discovery of procedures to extend a Strain’s total infection rate far beyond what they would normally have in addition to procedures that involve using suspended morgues to create liminal spaces known as the Sunless Garden in the Mortis Amaranthine. Participants also had the opportunity to learn about the genetic manipulation of existing Strains into psionic super charged creatures (the first engagement of the Unstable), and even initial experiments to find out what is beyond the veil of death.

One of the attacks against the Iron Works involved using these experiments against them. Now, participants at Uprise will have a chance to delve into the Mortis Amaranthine and experience the Sunless Garden for themselves.

Teams will again create suspended morgues near the warfront, and intercept fallen Iron Works representatives who have had their Infection augmented before they return to their bodies. This will allow teams the ability to learn information from the subconscious minds of the dead, influence what actions they will take when they return, ease the transition of allies who have been hidden within the Iron Works, and even commit psychological warfare on those who are in need of being removed from the warfront.

Entering into the Sunless Garden does not come without threat, and the body of an individual can only survive entering the Sunless Garden once or twice within a 48-hour period. It will be vital for a number of rotating teams to be created and organized. Most importantly, the information that is gathered should be shared to all those present. Otherwise, opportunities may be lost.

With luck, this form of post-mortem dives will not only influence the direction of the war but also potentially open new fields of necrotic medicines, experimentation, and potential new depths of the grave for years of development to come. This is the time to learn more about the Mortis Amaranthine than ever before—and shape the future of the wasteland as you do so.

You will be able to participate in the Mortis Amaranthine every two hours during the following times:

Thursday: 11 pm and 1 am
Friday: 10 am to 2 am
Saturday: 12pm to 12am

We’ve got just one more zone to share with you tomorrow….

Bryan Barletta