Crafting Workshop - Zone 2 of 4

Hello, everyone!

Like we mentioned on yesterday’s blog, we’re going to be taking you through all of the different zones of play for our upcoming event, Uprise. Today, we’ll be talking about the Crafting Workshop.

The Crafting Workshop has been set up as a toyetic engagement area with some very large-scale props for crafting-related scenes and challenges. This area will serve multiple purposes through the weekend with engagements happening nearly every hour during standard play times.

In the Crafting Workshop, players will be able to work with our Guides to engage in warzone resource development scenes. These scenes will have toyetic challenges based around the aspect of resource production or crafting that the players will be doing.

It’s important to note here that anyone can participate in the Crafting Workshop—whether they have a crafting skill or not. However, those with specific crafting skills will be able to receive an advantage while participating in this zone of play.

While in the Crafting Workshop, players will be able to receive victory points for every task they successfully complete. These points assist in deciding the number of casualties and successes in the field. And if you’re asking yourself “what are victory points?” Don’t worry; we’ll be covering that topic in tomorrow’s blog. For now, just remember that they count toward the Uprising war effort.

 In addition to assisting with the story and the war effort, the time spent engaging the toyetic crafting area will also count toward time on standard crafting projects related to the scenes being run. This means that while you are hand-over-hand hauling, filling, lifting, measuring, hammering, planting, or potting, the time that you spend assisting the storyline can also be used for your own personal crafting projects simultaneously if you have a crafting skill. Help the war effort, help your friends and family, and help yourself by doing something more engaging while crafting.

The crafting area is being set up in a space that has several large props, and for the safety of people engaging the toyetic play spaces, this area is going to be a non-combat zone for both CvE and CvC engagements. Since the Crafting Workshop is also near the Post Office and Market Place, these will also be non-combat zones.  There will be large props being swung, spun, and carried; in addition, there are areas where the larger props could provide a tripping hazard if people are more focused on swinging foam than on where they are going.

Players can still bring their own workspaces if they would like, set up their own crafting areas, and build their own private workspaces if they have things they want to do privately.

You can participate in the hourly Crafting Workshop during the following times:

Thursday: 11 pm & 12 pm
Friday: 10 am to 3 am
Saturday: 9 am to 12 pm

Stay tuned for the final two zones and don’t forget to buy your tickets before it’s too late.

Bryan Barletta