Defense Line - Zone 1 of 4

Hello, everyone!

With Uprise coming up, we wanted to take a few minutes to talk to you about a couple of the zones of play that will be at the event. These zones will be explained in full detail at the event itself, but we also wanted to provide you with this information before the event so that you can think of questions between now and then.

The first zone we are going to talk about is our Defense Line.

In this primary combat area, you will be able to engage in a number of massive fights. During these fights, hundreds of people will be participating in an area that has been chosen for overall safety.

In the combat zone, there will be different achievements that players and antagonists will be attempting to gain. Goals include missions such as setting up explosives, gaining control of certain territories, and causing a certain number of body count.

However, as we have learned in the past, having 300 people in the same tight area using skills and calling mechanics creates a chaotic scene where it’s hard to hear things or know what actions should be taken.

To help ease the issue of noise and to prioritize the calls players are making over the antagonists, we are using a standard.

All troops that enter an area will be swinging weapons for a base damage of 3 without any verbal call.

All troops that enter an area will be firing weapons for a base damage of 5 without any verbal call.

In the instance that a troop is using a skill, effect, or doing other forms of damage, they will make these calls as per normal.

Our goal is to cut the number of yells on the battlefield in half, thereby making it easier for us to hear the calls players are making. In the instance that this does not work or causes additional confusion, we may switch back to standard engagement during the event. We would prefer to not have unnecessary calls and number-shouts and focus more on the actions and efforts of the players so just remember: if the NPC swings it, the damage is 3; if it is in the air, the damage is 5.

Marshals will be stationed around the arenas and combat spaces to assist, clarify, and to make the calls needed to ensure that player efforts have full meaning while also ensuring a level and fair combat area.

During these fights, we would also like to save you the effort of interrogating fodder NPCs who do not have information.

To do this, we will be marking all NPCs that look like generals, leaders, or have information on the combat field. We are marking these antagonists so that you do not feel your efforts in interrogation are wasted, and to provide you with clear goals and focuses for intelligence.

If these antagonists with information are captured, you will have access to running scenes with them for a full hour post the end of the combat. These antagonists will have fleshed out personalities, drives, wants, and potential avenues of influence outside of just interrogation and information gathering. At the end of the hour, these antagonists will be brought off to be locked away so that the players portraying these antagonists can end their casted shifts or get ready for another role with other players.

This engagement will be available for you to participate in every two hours in the following windows:

Thursday: 10 pm & 12 am
Friday: 10 am to 2am
Saturday: 10 am to 12 am

Tomorrow, we’ll share with you the toyetic Crafting Zone.

Bryan Barletta