Uprise Non-Attending Information

With Uprise right around the corner, we wanted to shed more light on the non-attending portion of the event. Our first priority when running national events is the story that takes place during those four days. But right behind that is the story and experience for those of you who can’t make it out to join us.


Echoing the same benefit that attending players get, non-attending ticket holders will get one self teach per character that they purchase the base attending ticket/add-on and all 7 extra build for that specific character. To claim your self teach, please bring your email receipt to your next home game that takes place after Uprise has completed and they’ll be able to add it to your sheet.


We’re very excited to try some new things for Uprise 2019 with our play from home experience. Our goal is to make every feel involved regardless of where you are. We’re all a part of Dystopia Rising for a shared story experience and we’re expanding our reach.

While the physical event takes place at the Iron Harbor, we’re attacking the Iron Works directly and we need your help. During the weekend there will be calls for players who want to participate more to put on their costume and take video or photos buying into different story elements.

All content will be released directly on the Dystopia Rising LARP Facebook Page. We will attempt to provide transcripts for as much of the content as possible. For those of you who purchased non-attending tickets, you’ll receive 1-4 emails providing you with unique urls to experience the puzzle components and to vote on the results. There are many different outcomes for each puzzle that will change the story and how it progresses, ultimately impacting the live event throughout the weekend.

This experience will be unique to those at home, as you’ll get to see live updates and information from the event and a non-attending story, allow you to see the full picture of the event.

To purchase your non-attending ticket or the extra build, click here.

For those of you joining us at the event, we’ve got more information coming in the remaining days to walk you through the many unique areas we’re providing for you to explore at the Iron Harbor. Stay tuned!

Bryan Barletta