Story Co-Creation - #TheGlowRises

Last week, we asked you, the players of Dystopia Rising, to help us tell the nationwide story leading up to Uprise 2019. For the past few months we’ve been sharing directly with you the story of the world as its happening outside of your local settlement, providing you content to bring into your experience and change everything around you. The results have been absolutely amazing.

But the story created with the national team of directors is not what makes these stories great. The aspects we bring into play are the catalysts, the responses, and the reactions to what it is that you do. They are directed and redirected by the decisions you make, the actions you take, and what passion you show us. The more you talk about, theorize, and create relating to these kits the more we have to work from and build with.

Together we will build new stories and take the world into new directions... you just need to help us guide the ship. Post your videos. Make your blogs. Share what you have learned and what you have seen and with those reactions we will again take things to a new level.


Bryan Barletta