Story Update: Vegasia Burns Once More

The sun rose and the world looked on as the slick sides of the Black Pyramid in Vegasia were found spray painted with We Built This City across its side.


The gates shut tight.

Several days passed before anyone heard from those inside.

The first voice from inside spoke: Commodore Walter. Our questionable host to a not so pirate radio broadcasting right out of the heart of Vegasia. How long can one man survive off of Red Mist and Spirit Walk?

Few rely on the support of Vegasia, or rather, few that fight the good fight. It seemed like the chaos inside the city of filth had some massive positive impact to our friends out in Hell Dorado. Someone wasn’t getting the reinforcements they were looking for.

But before you celebrate too much, take your chances on Part 2 of Abigail Corfman’s Twine focusing on The Resistance in Vegasia.

Rumor is, the next fight involves us bringing it directly to the slavers in our own back yard.

Bryan Barletta