Story Update: Bloodshed in the Northern Tiers

Conflict in the Iron Works has been heating up on both the inside and out. While the Trade Union has been funding attacks externally, an organic group has risen up calling themselves The Uprising. They managed to get out a radio broadcast from the inside.

The settlement closest to the Iron Works, Steel Horse Crossing, seems to have their finger on the pulse of how to hit the Iron Works where it hurts. While you might not be able to get into that settlement until March, they’re definitely having an impact.

Requiem, another settlement struggling to keep warm for the summer, sent their Postworker to the front lines as well. They’re hearing about Grave Robbers inside the Iron works working overtime to produce Lazarus Draughts to make sure the top soldiers are staying alive to do the most damage to those fighting for freedom. The fight is just starting and its not going to get any easier.

Down in Crystal Creek, they Misery Bay Subway has a clever plan to replace fresh food with your spoiled produce and herb in an attempt to starve out the slavers they’re up against. Click here to get involved!

Bryan Barletta