Featured Events Q1 2019: WA, FL, & IN

A long time ago, Dystopia Rising use to run featured events at each branch, once a year. The Network was smaller and these events pulled people together from across the country to experience a local games story. We’re here to reignite the excitement that was behind those experiences as we double down on the importance of a visible, nationwide story.

Our focus going forward is to work with a few branches to help them tell a local, focused story, that ties in directly to the National story, which currently is Revolution to Evolution, our path to end slavery and the lead up to our first national event of 2019.

Washington - Infection Farm

Infection is a trait integral to the strains of humanity, without it they would not survive the harsh world of the post apocalypse, nor would they rise again from certain death after visiting the Grave Mind's chill embrace. However, everyone knows you can only escape death so many times before the Grave Mind claims you, a number etched in stone by the strain you were born to... but what if it wasn't?

The Iron Works has long been working on a way to grant more infection to their top officers and officials, making them effectively immortal, and all reports say it's working as assassination attempt after assassination attempt fail to remove key personal permanently. The Resistance has made the call to two unlikely groups in Undersea to work together to solve the problem: The Doctors of the Final Plague, a cabal of Fallow Hope Doctors and Graverobbers, and the Holy Engineers Union, a team of top Darwin Researchers and Scientists.

Together they just might get to the bottom of the Iron Works' plan, but they need the help of a local community known as the Cascadian Rendezvous to establish a field laboratory, collect samples, and finally conduct raids on the Iron Works' operation itself. The deepest secrets of the Iron Works will be confronted and revealed at.... the Infection Farm.

February 22-24
March 15-17

Florida - Regicide

Long Live the King they keep shouting, down the streets, from the roof tops, and all across the Paradise Isles. The Rat King. He's ruled the Paradise Isles with an iron fist for as long as most can remember. You'll be hard pressed to find someone that knows of a time that he wasn't judge, jury, and executioner over his...subjects.

His Kingdom of stone and twisted steel was built on the backs of the Irons, who continue to slave away for the prosperity of the Pure Bloods and the Kingdom, but no longer! The King signed his death warrant when he forged his alliance with the Iron Works. The Sainthood of the Rusty Lantern's and the hearty sailor and pirates of the Conch Battalion, with the support of the Sunken Saints, are at work in the shadows all across the Rum Coast planning an end to his reign.

The Gatorlands play a crucial role in their plan, and the Lantern's night of long knives can only succeed through the bravery and sacrifice of those in the Gatorlands. If they work together, and the Lantern's plan succeeds, they may just bring an end to his tyranny and free the entire Region from his tyranny. Regicide...long live the king!

February 22-24
March 29-31

Indiana - We’re The Army

For years the Iron Works have held power in the Waste due to their innovation in technology after the Fall. There is a darker side though and that is their unwavering position on slavery as well as the experimentation on strains to create a better slave. This is why a war is coming, a war to liberate and to end slavery across the Waste because all deserve freedom.

February 22-24
March 29-31

Huh….they all overlap for their February event…..

Bryan Barletta