Mechanics and Storytelling

You may have noticed that since Downfall 2018, we’ve ramped up the amount of content that we’ve been putting out on the National page. The biggest change we’ve made has been providing that content directly to you outside of a game weekend. We wanted to make sure that no one missed out on any aspect of the story unless it was by choice. A weekend at game isn’t very long when you consider everything your local Branch has planned for you on top of all the amazing stories that you bring to the table yourself.

So here we are, a few months and a lot of questions later. Let’s dive into it.

What is considered “In Game”?

Every single piece of content posted by the Dystopia Rising LARP Network Page regarding in game content can be considered in game. Why can and not should? That’s up to you. Dystopia Rising has been running for nearly a decade and the concept of trains, mail, newspapers, and radio broadcasts aren’t new concepts. However you choose your characters exposure to that information. Maybe its more fun to find out about it in game? Maybe you want to add it into your own newspaper and let it fuel your story. We’re giving you this information to entertain you and enable you to experience it however you like.

How do the radio broadcasts work?

While similar to the question above, we wanted to specifically address the radio broadcasts. All of them have had video or imagery included with them, which is weird for a radio broadcast but basically mandatory for traction on social networks. Without it, they’re boring and easy to skip over, so we decided to add video content to them. There shouldn’t be anything specific in the video content that isn’t said directly in the spoken word aspect, so we ask of you, the player, to focus on the audio portion.

What does that mean about the source?

Since the information can be considered in game, that means the source should be considered characters. Some of them may even make an appearance at Uprise 2019.

These characters, just like your characters, are providing information from their perspective. Whether that’s the bias of a Baywalker Poster Worker or the madman ramblings of drugged out drunken radio host out of Vegasia, not everything they say should be considered fact. We’re all here to tell a story and flat information is pretty boring, so keep in mind that the information you’re digesting may be full of bias and (gasp) lies.

What can I do with this content?

All of the content you hear on the broadcasts or the posters and newspaper clippings can be brought into game. We always recommend you check in with your local Branch beforehand as there’s likely some cool tie in potential if to explore this content on a local level. If you have Wheels of Steel or an approved music apparatus from your local Branch, feel free to ask them if you can add that content to your playlist. Even cooler? Add this information in your own words to your newspaper or yell it across town. This type of information adds the most to the network when more people buy in, so we’d love to see how you uniquely do so.

Uprise is about good defeating evil

In our first blogpost, we cover that we built all these evil things to be punched in the mouth. Since then, some players have dug into that side and enjoyed being the evil. We’ve set a hard line for evil to no longer include any aspect of slavery with Uprise 2019 for players and to be phased out of any content around that time as well. So what does that mean for your evil character at Uprise?

Good to go concepts

Fall into one of the examples below? You’re all set to participate in Uprise 2019.

* Your character is good or neutral and you’re here to kick butt and take names.
* Your character is evil, but not that kind of evil. At the end of the day, there’s lines and slavery crosses them.

Other concepts?

Maybe your character doesn’t sound like one of the examples above but you still want to attend Uprise? You’ve got a few options in the time leading up to the event, including exiting your character from that current stream of role play or ending that characters story.

National events have hundreds of people focusing on a specific story and such a small amount of time even though its a whole extra day. The truth is, we can’t give your personal story the attention your local branch can. We also have hardline identified that Uprise is specifically good vs evil and the end of the slavery concept. Entertaining player participation in the evil side of the conflict is possibly the most hypocritical thing that we could do, so we’re going to thumbs down that idea and help you find closure in a place that knows you best.

Characters that have not progressed into one of the above concepts will not be welcome to play at Uprise 2019. We recommend that you reach out directly to your local Branch by submitting a Plot Request to make sure that your specific situation is addressed before we migrate completely away from Slavery as a concept in Dystopia Rising.

As always, thank you for being a part of this crazy awesome adventure that is Dystopia Rising. We’re excited to continue telling this story with you. Our next blog post will address co-creation for not only Uprise but Dystopia Rising in general. These stories only get better when we all tell them together.

Bryan Barletta