Talking Bluntly

Let’s take a second to talk bluntly about the subject of slavery and strainism in Dystopia Rising. 

When they were brought into Dystopia Rising, it was intended to be part of the antagonists and the non-agency characters that we as event runners wanted our players to beat the shit out of. They were intended to be parts of the cruel world that everyone in the wasteland could point at and say, “I am a murdering psychopath, but for fucks sake, I’m not one of THOSE assholes.” 

It was written from a place of privilege and a world view of someone in their late 20s. To us it was obvious that these aspects were intended to be the foil which people rallied against. If the player base was getting too focused on CvC and was becoming harmful to itself, all we had to do was bring in one of these assholes and everyone put down their issues with one another to rally together to beat the shit out of facists, strainists, and slavers.

It was a universal truth from where the game was made. These were the people we punch. The world was different. The people we knew to be parallels to this in the real world were hiding somewhere in the back woods and spent their days hating and unable to get out of their own way. Today? They sit in positions of power in public office and have become unavoidable.

The other part of this scenario is that the sections that were written to be the strongholds of the slavers and the universally “bad” aspects of Dystopia Rising were written for an area that we NEVER DREAMED we would have games at the time. 

Who the hell in the Chicagoland or Las Vegas areas would ever want to play our game that we were making in Connecticut? 

Fucking-A. Joke on us, right? 

So, we are at the point where we need to do some hard turning of our ship to take care of our community and to do the right thing. We have players who are being negatively influenced by the fact that the discrimination that they deal with in day to day life is a play-thing in their escape world. We have written entire sections of the map with the idea that they would be heavily antagonistic and now have games in the area where –slavery is hard coded into the genre-. 

So, what do we do? 

We give you the revolution in game that we collectively wish we could see as a social revolution in life. We destroy the foundations of slavery, strainism, and parallels to racism with story and substance. Where you get to WIN OVER THE FORCES OF EVIL. It’s time to break some of the shit we built over a decade. 

Dystopia Rising