Revolution to Evolution

Dystopia Rising is a networked Larp with a decade of story told over 20 branches across the country. Thousands of people play Dystopia Rising each year local, regionally and even nation wide. Every year, we run two National events, Uprise and Downfall, as a way for the entire Network to come together and experience an event together. This year, we want to improve the experience and we want everyone in the Network to be able to participate, whether they can physically attend or not.

The first way we’re aiming to do this is by utilizing social media to directly tell you, the player, what is going on in the world that exists between your local settlement. Hopefully you’ve had a chance to experience our Instagram Stories or Facebook Videos showcasing the Postworkers from many local branches so that you can feel more connected to the living story that is being told through the branches running monthly events.

Beginning in December 2018, we started weaving in the National Story: Revolution to Evolution. You can read more about what sparked the content for this story in the previous blogpost, but the focus of its execution is to give you a strong reason to want to participate in the story that is going to change the Network and give your character justification for joining us at Uprise 2019. That reason? The end of slavery across Merica.

Now that we’ve announced Uprise 2019 (April 11-14 2019 in Aberdeen, Washington), we have three more months to further inspire your participation. So, how are we going to be doing that?

National Media

We will continue to be posting media on Instagram and Facebook telling this story directly to you. For a long time, much of Larp has been run really close to the chest, but we find that Collaborative Storytelling creates a stronger environment where we all feel involved, and isn’t that why we do this instead of just playing a video game all weekend? We have a few creative executions planned with video, audio, imagery, interactive experiences, and research based ama’s that we plan to introduce over the remaining time, and we hope you’re excited for it.

Local Involvement

Regardless of the size of the town you as a person live in, there’s aspects of the greater world that just don’t make it into your day to day life unless you choose to bring them into your life. One of the best tools we have available to us as event runners is the Player Plot Requests. We encourage you to submit Player Plot Requests to your local game about the National Story, specifically identifying your interest so that they can work with you to tell the story that you’re looking to experience. While many of us are over the Moon (DR: The Moon still not approved) with the story, maybe it’s not for you and that’s ok. Your local event runners have our full support on weaving this story into their local landscape and we’re excited to see how they do it.

Featured Events

There are three settlements across wastes that have specific local investment into the story that will drive us to Uprise. Through local and national collaboration, we’ve built three event arcs at each of the following branches that provide use of cannon factions and concepts at the local level. If you’d like to directly change the world on its way to Uprise 2019, we highly recommend you make time to visit the following branches for the dates listed below:

In the coming weeks, we will be sharing more information about the story at these branches. Can’t make it? The recap after each event will be woven into the National media so that you can still experience how the world is growing.

Player Created Story

All of the information posted on Facebook and Instagram is considered In Game, received through Radio Broadcast. The video component is only there to make it more visually appealing on Social Media. You as a player are encouraged to bring this information into play and let it drive your roleplay and further define the setting of the world around you. The best storytellers are the players, as you are constantly weaving your own narrative with your characters history and those around you. Use this information to grow your character or ignore it, the choice is completely up to you.

As the event itself approaches, we’ll be revealing more about what to expect your experience to be for Attending and Non-Attending. Base on the overwhelming feedback from Equinox and from this past Downfall, we have committed to provide an engaging story to both groups as that is exactly why we’re here, to tell a story together, and we’re very lucky to have the opportunity to do that with all of you.

For live updates as they unfold, follow our Instagram Stories or check for the weekly recap on our Facebook Page.

Dystopia Rising