The Frigate - Zone 4 of 4

Hello once again!

We hope you’ve been enjoying learning about all of the awesome things that will greet you at Uprise. Today, we’re going to be discussing the fourth and final zone of play that you’ll experience at the event: the ship simulator. This is where you and your friends will be able to navigate a “ship” to meet mercenaries from the Lilac Empire and Iron Works head on, fire some cannons, and make sure that the ship doesn’t sink in engineering.

We’ve set up this experience to have three different segments. One section is for navigation, one section is for engineering, and one section is for firing cannons at the Lilac Empire’s ships. In order to succeed in each mission, each segment of the ship will need to communicate with each other so that each aspect is pulled off correctly.

Navigation will be in charge of steering the ship with a toyetic wheel, communicating what each station needs to do after looking through a toyetic periscope, and raising and lowering water levels with the use of a circuit board. Artillery will be in charge of preparing and firing ammo in a toyetic simulation, and Engineering will be in charge of re-wiring toyetic circuits and repairing damage that the ship takes in live combat. A Harbor Master will be on hand to explain how each aspect works before the simulation begins.

In order to immerse you in the experience, the ship simulation will also have speakers and lights to enhance the feel of being on a ship. In addition, players with certain skill sets will be able to receive bonuses while working certain parts of the ship.

For each successful mission, players will be able to win Victory Points that will influence what happens to certain factions. Missions can include everything from rescuing Uprising spies to destroying enemy ships to defending the Iron Harbor from the Lilac Empire and the Iron Navy.

Anyone can be part of the ship simulation, so remember to give your fellow players a chance to experience this amazing part of the event if they want to! Share the fun and if you see a new player who wants to participate, take them along for the ride.

You’ll be able to participate in the ship simulation every two hours during these following times:

Friday: 11 am to 3 am
Saturday: 11 am to 3 am

Want to follow along with the events of the weekend? Follow our Facebook page to experience that at home portion of Uprise 2019 along with live from the event footage.

Bryan Barletta
The Sunless Garden - Zone 3 of 4

Over the past three months, a series of story arcs have taken place in Washington and Florida. These stories tied into the Grave Mind experimentation and the Infection harvesting that the Iron Works has been conducting. These story arcs included the discovery of procedures to extend a Strain’s total infection rate far beyond what they would normally have in addition to procedures that involve using suspended morgues to create liminal spaces known as the Sunless Garden in the Mortis Amaranthine. Participants also had the opportunity to learn about the genetic manipulation of existing Strains into psionic super charged creatures (the first engagement of the Unstable), and even initial experiments to find out what is beyond the veil of death.

One of the attacks against the Iron Works involved using these experiments against them. Now, participants at Uprise will have a chance to delve into the Mortis Amaranthine and experience the Sunless Garden for themselves.

Teams will again create suspended morgues near the warfront, and intercept fallen Iron Works representatives who have had their Infection augmented before they return to their bodies. This will allow teams the ability to learn information from the subconscious minds of the dead, influence what actions they will take when they return, ease the transition of allies who have been hidden within the Iron Works, and even commit psychological warfare on those who are in need of being removed from the warfront.

Entering into the Sunless Garden does not come without threat, and the body of an individual can only survive entering the Sunless Garden once or twice within a 48-hour period. It will be vital for a number of rotating teams to be created and organized. Most importantly, the information that is gathered should be shared to all those present. Otherwise, opportunities may be lost.

With luck, this form of post-mortem dives will not only influence the direction of the war but also potentially open new fields of necrotic medicines, experimentation, and potential new depths of the grave for years of development to come. This is the time to learn more about the Mortis Amaranthine than ever before—and shape the future of the wasteland as you do so.

You will be able to participate in the Mortis Amaranthine every two hours during the following times:

Thursday: 11 pm and 1 am
Friday: 10 am to 2 am
Saturday: 12pm to 12am

We’ve got just one more zone to share with you tomorrow….

Bryan Barletta
Victory Points: How Everything Comes Together

Hello, again!

Yesterday, we mentioned “Victory Points.” Today, we’re going to go a little bit more in-depth into how these work and what they’re used for during the Uprise event.

Victory points are a measure that the Uprise team will be keeping track of to determine the overall results of the players’ efforts to assist with the war. Instead of just one Uprise team this year, we’ll have two; there will be a team at site like usual, and also a team at home to keep track of the results from the play-from-home aspect of the event.

The development team for Uprise has put together a number of scripted news responses, event responses, videos (for multiple degrees of success or failures) and potential outcomes for the event. What videos, story response, and engagements that are released depends completely on the number of victory points that are earned during the event. This means that non-attending participants and active participants at the event will both influence the results of the war effort at Uprise.

The primary ways to gain victory points are by producing resources for the warfront at Uprise, destroying the enemy and gaining information in the combat zone, having successful runs on our frigate simulation (including sailing, cannon combat, and engineering areas), and successful choices made by the mortis-operatives in the Sunless Garden.

Beyond these very tangible and measurable success and failure point gaining opportunities, there are additional ways for players to gain victory points while at the event. Players can gain allies, bolster units in the field, provide solid tactical decisions when multiple opportunities for action are available, negotiate support, and perform sensitive espionage-related operations.

In addition, participants at home will also be able to generate victory points. There will be regular broadcasts from the warfront online, and people who have purchased the non-attending tickets will be able to assist with decryption of communications, find zones for mortars to strike, and be the remote support team for the Diesel Jocks engaging in vehicular combat at the front.

There will even be times when we ask the players at home who want to be more engaged to put on their costumes and work with the field teams to build shared stories from the combat zone.

The volume of player engagement, the sum of collected victory points, and the effort put in by the players will determine what kind of result we see from the Revolution to Evolution story arc. While this story arc will remove slavery from Dystopia Rising, how we get there and how this conflict affects the wasteland is completely up to you.

At 11:59pm EST on 4/7, ticket and patch sales for Uprise 2019 go offline for good. Buy yours now.

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Crafting Workshop - Zone 2 of 4

Hello, everyone!

Like we mentioned on yesterday’s blog, we’re going to be taking you through all of the different zones of play for our upcoming event, Uprise. Today, we’ll be talking about the Crafting Workshop.

The Crafting Workshop has been set up as a toyetic engagement area with some very large-scale props for crafting-related scenes and challenges. This area will serve multiple purposes through the weekend with engagements happening nearly every hour during standard play times.

In the Crafting Workshop, players will be able to work with our Guides to engage in warzone resource development scenes. These scenes will have toyetic challenges based around the aspect of resource production or crafting that the players will be doing.

It’s important to note here that anyone can participate in the Crafting Workshop—whether they have a crafting skill or not. However, those with specific crafting skills will be able to receive an advantage while participating in this zone of play.

While in the Crafting Workshop, players will be able to receive victory points for every task they successfully complete. These points assist in deciding the number of casualties and successes in the field. And if you’re asking yourself “what are victory points?” Don’t worry; we’ll be covering that topic in tomorrow’s blog. For now, just remember that they count toward the Uprising war effort.

 In addition to assisting with the story and the war effort, the time spent engaging the toyetic crafting area will also count toward time on standard crafting projects related to the scenes being run. This means that while you are hand-over-hand hauling, filling, lifting, measuring, hammering, planting, or potting, the time that you spend assisting the storyline can also be used for your own personal crafting projects simultaneously if you have a crafting skill. Help the war effort, help your friends and family, and help yourself by doing something more engaging while crafting.

The crafting area is being set up in a space that has several large props, and for the safety of people engaging the toyetic play spaces, this area is going to be a non-combat zone for both CvE and CvC engagements. Since the Crafting Workshop is also near the Post Office and Market Place, these will also be non-combat zones.  There will be large props being swung, spun, and carried; in addition, there are areas where the larger props could provide a tripping hazard if people are more focused on swinging foam than on where they are going.

Players can still bring their own workspaces if they would like, set up their own crafting areas, and build their own private workspaces if they have things they want to do privately.

You can participate in the hourly Crafting Workshop during the following times:

Thursday: 11 pm & 12 pm
Friday: 10 am to 3 am
Saturday: 9 am to 12 pm

Stay tuned for the final two zones and don’t forget to buy your tickets before it’s too late.

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Defense Line - Zone 1 of 4

Hello, everyone!

With Uprise coming up, we wanted to take a few minutes to talk to you about a couple of the zones of play that will be at the event. These zones will be explained in full detail at the event itself, but we also wanted to provide you with this information before the event so that you can think of questions between now and then.

The first zone we are going to talk about is our Defense Line.

In this primary combat area, you will be able to engage in a number of massive fights. During these fights, hundreds of people will be participating in an area that has been chosen for overall safety.

In the combat zone, there will be different achievements that players and antagonists will be attempting to gain. Goals include missions such as setting up explosives, gaining control of certain territories, and causing a certain number of body count.

However, as we have learned in the past, having 300 people in the same tight area using skills and calling mechanics creates a chaotic scene where it’s hard to hear things or know what actions should be taken.

To help ease the issue of noise and to prioritize the calls players are making over the antagonists, we are using a standard.

All troops that enter an area will be swinging weapons for a base damage of 3 without any verbal call.

All troops that enter an area will be firing weapons for a base damage of 5 without any verbal call.

In the instance that a troop is using a skill, effect, or doing other forms of damage, they will make these calls as per normal.

Our goal is to cut the number of yells on the battlefield in half, thereby making it easier for us to hear the calls players are making. In the instance that this does not work or causes additional confusion, we may switch back to standard engagement during the event. We would prefer to not have unnecessary calls and number-shouts and focus more on the actions and efforts of the players so just remember: if the NPC swings it, the damage is 3; if it is in the air, the damage is 5.

Marshals will be stationed around the arenas and combat spaces to assist, clarify, and to make the calls needed to ensure that player efforts have full meaning while also ensuring a level and fair combat area.

During these fights, we would also like to save you the effort of interrogating fodder NPCs who do not have information.

To do this, we will be marking all NPCs that look like generals, leaders, or have information on the combat field. We are marking these antagonists so that you do not feel your efforts in interrogation are wasted, and to provide you with clear goals and focuses for intelligence.

If these antagonists with information are captured, you will have access to running scenes with them for a full hour post the end of the combat. These antagonists will have fleshed out personalities, drives, wants, and potential avenues of influence outside of just interrogation and information gathering. At the end of the hour, these antagonists will be brought off to be locked away so that the players portraying these antagonists can end their casted shifts or get ready for another role with other players.

This engagement will be available for you to participate in every two hours in the following windows:

Thursday: 10 pm & 12 am
Friday: 10 am to 2am
Saturday: 10 am to 12 am

Tomorrow, we’ll share with you the toyetic Crafting Zone.

Bryan Barletta
Uprise Non-Attending Information

With Uprise right around the corner, we wanted to shed more light on the non-attending portion of the event. Our first priority when running national events is the story that takes place during those four days. But right behind that is the story and experience for those of you who can’t make it out to join us.


Echoing the same benefit that attending players get, non-attending ticket holders will get one self teach per character that they purchase the base attending ticket/add-on and all 7 extra build for that specific character. To claim your self teach, please bring your email receipt to your next home game that takes place after Uprise has completed and they’ll be able to add it to your sheet.


We’re very excited to try some new things for Uprise 2019 with our play from home experience. Our goal is to make every feel involved regardless of where you are. We’re all a part of Dystopia Rising for a shared story experience and we’re expanding our reach.

While the physical event takes place at the Iron Harbor, we’re attacking the Iron Works directly and we need your help. During the weekend there will be calls for players who want to participate more to put on their costume and take video or photos buying into different story elements.

All content will be released directly on the Dystopia Rising LARP Facebook Page. We will attempt to provide transcripts for as much of the content as possible. For those of you who purchased non-attending tickets, you’ll receive 1-4 emails providing you with unique urls to experience the puzzle components and to vote on the results. There are many different outcomes for each puzzle that will change the story and how it progresses, ultimately impacting the live event throughout the weekend.

This experience will be unique to those at home, as you’ll get to see live updates and information from the event and a non-attending story, allow you to see the full picture of the event.

To purchase your non-attending ticket or the extra build, click here.

For those of you joining us at the event, we’ve got more information coming in the remaining days to walk you through the many unique areas we’re providing for you to explore at the Iron Harbor. Stay tuned!

Bryan Barletta
Story Update: Vegasia Burns Once More

The sun rose and the world looked on as the slick sides of the Black Pyramid in Vegasia were found spray painted with We Built This City across its side.


The gates shut tight.

Several days passed before anyone heard from those inside.

The first voice from inside spoke: Commodore Walter. Our questionable host to a not so pirate radio broadcasting right out of the heart of Vegasia. How long can one man survive off of Red Mist and Spirit Walk?

Few rely on the support of Vegasia, or rather, few that fight the good fight. It seemed like the chaos inside the city of filth had some massive positive impact to our friends out in Hell Dorado. Someone wasn’t getting the reinforcements they were looking for.

But before you celebrate too much, take your chances on Part 2 of Abigail Corfman’s Twine focusing on The Resistance in Vegasia.

Rumor is, the next fight involves us bringing it directly to the slavers in our own back yard.

Bryan Barletta
Featured Events Q1 2019: WA, FL, & IN

A long time ago, Dystopia Rising use to run featured events at each branch, once a year. The Network was smaller and these events pulled people together from across the country to experience a local games story. We’re here to reignite the excitement that was behind those experiences as we double down on the importance of a visible, nationwide story.

Our focus going forward is to work with a few branches to help them tell a local, focused story, that ties in directly to the National story, which currently is Revolution to Evolution, our path to end slavery and the lead up to our first national event of 2019.

Washington - Infection Farm

Infection is a trait integral to the strains of humanity, without it they would not survive the harsh world of the post apocalypse, nor would they rise again from certain death after visiting the Grave Mind's chill embrace. However, everyone knows you can only escape death so many times before the Grave Mind claims you, a number etched in stone by the strain you were born to... but what if it wasn't?

The Iron Works has long been working on a way to grant more infection to their top officers and officials, making them effectively immortal, and all reports say it's working as assassination attempt after assassination attempt fail to remove key personal permanently. The Resistance has made the call to two unlikely groups in Undersea to work together to solve the problem: The Doctors of the Final Plague, a cabal of Fallow Hope Doctors and Graverobbers, and the Holy Engineers Union, a team of top Darwin Researchers and Scientists.

Together they just might get to the bottom of the Iron Works' plan, but they need the help of a local community known as the Cascadian Rendezvous to establish a field laboratory, collect samples, and finally conduct raids on the Iron Works' operation itself. The deepest secrets of the Iron Works will be confronted and revealed at.... the Infection Farm.

February 22-24
March 15-17

Florida - Regicide

Long Live the King they keep shouting, down the streets, from the roof tops, and all across the Paradise Isles. The Rat King. He's ruled the Paradise Isles with an iron fist for as long as most can remember. You'll be hard pressed to find someone that knows of a time that he wasn't judge, jury, and executioner over his...subjects.

His Kingdom of stone and twisted steel was built on the backs of the Irons, who continue to slave away for the prosperity of the Pure Bloods and the Kingdom, but no longer! The King signed his death warrant when he forged his alliance with the Iron Works. The Sainthood of the Rusty Lantern's and the hearty sailor and pirates of the Conch Battalion, with the support of the Sunken Saints, are at work in the shadows all across the Rum Coast planning an end to his reign.

The Gatorlands play a crucial role in their plan, and the Lantern's night of long knives can only succeed through the bravery and sacrifice of those in the Gatorlands. If they work together, and the Lantern's plan succeeds, they may just bring an end to his tyranny and free the entire Region from his tyranny. Regicide...long live the king!

February 22-24
March 29-31

Indiana - We’re The Army

For years the Iron Works have held power in the Waste due to their innovation in technology after the Fall. There is a darker side though and that is their unwavering position on slavery as well as the experimentation on strains to create a better slave. This is why a war is coming, a war to liberate and to end slavery across the Waste because all deserve freedom.

February 22-24
March 29-31

Huh….they all overlap for their February event…..

Bryan Barletta
Story Co-Creation - #TheGlowRises

Last week, we asked you, the players of Dystopia Rising, to help us tell the nationwide story leading up to Uprise 2019. For the past few months we’ve been sharing directly with you the story of the world as its happening outside of your local settlement, providing you content to bring into your experience and change everything around you. The results have been absolutely amazing.

But the story created with the national team of directors is not what makes these stories great. The aspects we bring into play are the catalysts, the responses, and the reactions to what it is that you do. They are directed and redirected by the decisions you make, the actions you take, and what passion you show us. The more you talk about, theorize, and create relating to these kits the more we have to work from and build with.

Together we will build new stories and take the world into new directions... you just need to help us guide the ship. Post your videos. Make your blogs. Share what you have learned and what you have seen and with those reactions we will again take things to a new level.


Bryan Barletta
Story Update: Bloodshed in the Northern Tiers

Conflict in the Iron Works has been heating up on both the inside and out. While the Trade Union has been funding attacks externally, an organic group has risen up calling themselves The Uprising. They managed to get out a radio broadcast from the inside.

The settlement closest to the Iron Works, Steel Horse Crossing, seems to have their finger on the pulse of how to hit the Iron Works where it hurts. While you might not be able to get into that settlement until March, they’re definitely having an impact.

Requiem, another settlement struggling to keep warm for the summer, sent their Postworker to the front lines as well. They’re hearing about Grave Robbers inside the Iron works working overtime to produce Lazarus Draughts to make sure the top soldiers are staying alive to do the most damage to those fighting for freedom. The fight is just starting and its not going to get any easier.

Down in Crystal Creek, they Misery Bay Subway has a clever plan to replace fresh food with your spoiled produce and herb in an attempt to starve out the slavers they’re up against. Click here to get involved!

Bryan Barletta