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Downfall 2019 Logistics

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Medical Sleep

As this is a full camping location, any and all needed materials and supplies for medical sleep must be brought by the attendant. We will set aside an OOC space for tents etc to be set up and will do our best to locate that in a space with outlets. However we can not guarantee power or other accommodations. One of the nearby hotels may be the best option for some attendants.
Requests for space and Medical Notes must be sent to FeaturedEvents@DystopiaRising.com by August 31, 2019. Requests made day-of event will be accommodated as is possible but can not be guaranteed.

Safety Guides

Site Safety: There may be sections on the camp that are CLEARLY marked as potentially dangerous for players to be in. In those instances please don’t go past the barrier.

Medical Issues: The local ambulance service is within 5 minutes of the campground. In an emergency please call 911. During open hours, someone in the Logistics building will have a phone available if needed.

Ok Check-In System: The OK check-in system is a method of player to player check in during scenes. More information can be found.

Location Info

The property is an outdoor campground, with no permanent buildings. Temporary tents, yurts and other covered areas will be in place for the event.

The grounds have one notable hill leading from the parking/OOC area to the play area. In both general locations the ground is mostly level, with patches of hard-packed earth.

There are intermittently placed lights for night-time play. There will be dark, unlit areas.

The event will not be using fireworks or other simulated explosions.

What To Bring

  • Character gear and costuming

  • NPC clothes (basic blacks)

  • Regular clothes, extra changes of socks

  • Shower and personal grooming supplies

  • Tent, sleeping bag, ground mat, etc.

  • Supplies to make your sleeping area look awesome and personal

  • Food and container for food (there will be no meal plan available)

  • 100% excitement!!!

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Site Information

Address: Coopers Lake Campground
205 Currie Lake Rd, Slippery Rock PA 16057

Nearest Major Airport: Pittsburgh International Airport

Nearby Shopping: The closest shopping area is Butler, PA. Within the town are many shops, including 24-hour Walmart.

Check In

Check-in and sheet pick-up will open 2pm EST September 12, 2019. It will run until 2am EST September 13 (12 hours). Friday - Sunday sheets will be available during normal Logistics office hours.

Bring with you: Payment method (cash or card accepted), WAIVER (if not emailed prior)

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General Camping is included in your event ticket price.

The camping area will be open air, and the bathrooms are located in multiple places throughout the campground, no matter where you stay they will be accessible.

Showers are located in multiple bathhouses throughout the campground. There is also a room with coin-operated washing and drying machines for public use.

A camp store with basic supplies, hot meals, coffee and the like will be open during normal business hours through the whole event.

RVs will be located in a separate but near-by location. Hook-ups are available. There is no additional cost for RV parking.

Nearest Hotel: There are multiple hotels and Inns within Slippery Rock and surrounding areas. We do not endorse or work with any specific one.


Address: 205 Currie Lake Rd, Slippery Rock PA 16057

Parking: There is ample parking available on-site, about 5 minutes walk from the event space.

Nearest Major Airport: Pittsburgh International Airport

Public Transit: There is no direct public transit to Coopers Lake, however Uber, Lyft and other taxi services are available.

Key Dates

Pre-reg Opens: July 15, 2019
Pre-reg Closes: August 31, 2019 11:59pm EST

Doors Open: September 12, 2019 4pm EST
Game On: September 12, 2019 10pm EST (cars off site by 9:45pm)
Game Over: September 15, 2019 12noon EST

Character Sheets updated by: September 20, 2019