Dystopia Rising Larp Network
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205 Currie Rd Slippery Rock, PA 16057
September 12th - September 15th

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Downfall 2019: Deathcon will be the first event of the Dystopia Rising Evolved larp story arc. We are choosing to go with the major cross-network event as the starting point for DR Evolved larp for many reasons.

1.       The rule system will be new to all of the Branches, and we feel it would be best that we have a team that runs the kickoff event that has had added attention from the creators and the Dystopia Rising National Directors team to do our best to show you the new system.

2.       With an event as large as Downfall, we are able to divide the event space into defined areas to allow players to learn the portions of the new game mechanics as they see fit. This will allow players to learn crafting, combat, and the expanded zones system at their own rate. We will also provide an area that is the “testing grounds” where players can to go over mechanics, test out the system in a non-live play space, and get answers easier.

3.       Branches will be handling the trade character item cards and character resources, but we want to make sure that everyone’s needs are taken care of in the instance that for whatever reason a player wasn’t able to take care of their traded-in resources.

4.       With some players still finding their new character direction after the 3-year time jump, we will have assistants available to workshop your character changes and your new character direction going forward to help you make new connections, find the stories you want, and blend into the ongoing world narrative of Dystopia Rising.

So why Deathcon?

Going back to Deathcon is a promise to ourselves as experience designers. Ten years ago, we ran the first Deathcon. We got some cool people together, dressed in post-apocalyptic outfits, and made collaborative stories that involved fighting and having experiences we couldn’t have in our mundane lives. To this day, society still frowns when you wack your problems with sticks.

Going back to the concept of Deathcon is as much a reminder to us writers and designers as it is an ideal we’re sharing with you. We’re looking to get back to the roots of Dystopia Rising without losing the progress we have made. We will learn from the years that have gone by, continue to make the best efforts we can to engage and entertain, and provide a sandbox for players to play in that is more open and free. Our goal is to provide more tools to the local Branches so that they can focus on their local story while having a world narrative presented to the players (instead of being imposed by and implemented via the branches).

Going back to Deathcon is a promise to ourselves from a few of us who have spent the majority of the past few years working on system development. Now that the framework has been recreated, we are putting as much effort into the story as we did while we were redesigning everything. It is a promise to us that our focus will return to narrative and the game… and that we will also play.  

The world is evolving. It’s time for us to evolve as well.

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