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The Team



Imagine Nation Collective (INC) manages the logistics, financials and business operations for Downfall 2019: Deathcon

INC has managed Downfall events since the network was started in 2009, as well as the New Jersey and New York branches of Dystopia Rising.

INC runs a variety of non-DR related events every year as well, from Road Trip (30 people, 3 vans, Chicago to Santa Monica, CA over 9 days) to Changeling: The Waking Dream at the Showboat Casino in Atlantic City, NJ.

Most Improbable LLC

Most Improbable, headed by Michael Pucci, the original creator for the Dystopia Rising IP, created the core design document and pre-planned scenes for Downfall 2019. The story for this event was crafted specifically as the introduction of the new world, post 3.0 three year jump, to the public.

The Story Team

Tom Kelly

Tom is the Lead Experience and Visual Designer for the Dystopia Rising: New Jersey & New York branches.

With many years experience in executing stories, along with a deep passion for the macabre and weird, Tom is planning the event with a focus on returning to DRs roots of classic horror and survival.

Shan is overseeing Sunless Garden. She usually runs Texas. She likes scary things and creepy things, but we can’t account for her taste in human company.

Kelsey doens’t like you, but she’s still willing to smash you with a stick for fun. She is a bird, but as we all know, birds are fake so even if she smashes you it won’t hurt.

Do not cite excel sheets to Krista, she was there when it was created.

The Logistics Team

If you try to explain what larp is to Lauren, her gaze has a 98% chance of causing your beard to spontaneously burst into flames. INC does not admit liability.

Liv contracted super powers from swimming in the Schuylkill River. They have never been seen in the same room as Gritty. We do not like to spread rumors, we’re just pointing out an interesting fact.

Somewhere, in the future, someone put Gabe in a room that contains only him and 70 corgis. If you see him weeping in joy at the event it is only because he knows this is inevitable.

It’s said that a man once walked the entire circumference of the continental United States in search of the perfect taco. We do not currently know of proof that this was not John.