Dystopia Rising Larp Network


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As this is a cross-network event, it is not the home event for any characters. There will be no check in skills available at the event, however there will be different modules and engagements that will be enhanced by check-in type skills. This location is not a settlement, and will not be able to produce trade-ties for future resource production.

This event takes place only a few months before the transition from our 2.2 rule set to the Dystopia Rising Evolved rule set. With this in mind we would like our players to consider focusing on the experience of the event, personal stories, and the community aspects of the game.

You will only see the fall of the Iron Works once, let’s work together to make sure you get the most out of this experience, on the front lines or by supporting the troops.

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We know that traveling outside of your home branch with larger props is difficult. We will be providing immersive crafting areas for cooking, tinkering, brewing, engineering, transcription, and farming. All of these areas will be within close proximity to our Public Works location which will provide appropriate item cards. There is no limit to the number of people who can work in these areas at the same time.

If you would like to still bring Engineered crafting spaces, resources, props, and work spaces you are welcome to do so. You will be responsible for providing your own props and ensuring the safety/genre of your crafting zone in the massive crafting and production areas.

The crafting and production areas will be flagged as NON COMBAT (CvE or CvC) zone meaning that non-negotiated and agreed on CvC conflict cannot happen in these areas. This space will be filled with toyetic engagement areas and if your setup has portions that would not be safe for conflict (like kitchens) let us know so we can help you build there.

We are actively working directly with the player base to make this crafting area the most collaborative and engaging space we’ve helped provide to date.

local resources.gif

The following are in addition to the standard basic, uncommon, rare, and other named materials that can be readily found at any branch event.

-Event Resources Via Scrounge-
Scrap: Drift Plastic
Gizmo: Crab
Gizmo: Dog Meat

-Named Herbs Available Via Farming-
Herb: Pungent Kalo
Herb: White Mountain Laurel
Herb: Evergreen Bamboo
Herb: Red Baneberry

-Resources Via Shipping / Traders-
Herb: Coconut
Scrap: Koa Wood
Scrap: Obsidian
Scrap: Tuscarora Heartwood
Produce: Russet Nittenyork

-Resources Via Skill Related Modules-
Scrap: Uranium
Scrap: Asbestos
Gizmo: Timber